Saturday , February 16 2019

The netizen encountered a well-behaved raccoon cat, but was unable to adopt it. It was distressing to see its condition

This raccoon cat is a stray cat. When it was very small, it was found with the big cat at the place where I worked. Every time I and my colleagues left the leftovers for them. After feeding for a while, people were hugged. Later, they were brought to our sales office to give it a delicious meal every day, just like raising a child!

This cat was considered to take home and raise it myself. Then my colleague said how can such a cute cat take home and secretly raise it? It means everyone, and then I buy cat food and canned food for it, because I have two garden cats in my house, and this is too big a burden!

Because I am more inclined to go to work, the surrounding people are sparsely populated. These stray cats grew up here since childhood. Apart from staying here, there is no place to go. Except for me, almost no one cares about them. I can only find some leftovers every day in the trash can. Leftovers, really poor, I want to bring it to the town to release, because the people in the town eat more, at least not on my side to pack a few tons of.

I haven’t seen the cat for two days… Every day, the cat will accompany me all day in the same place, go out to pull the urine and come back to sleep in the old place chair! I am a bit worried now, is it not coming back.

I also have a hard time, I started to like dogs, but I don’t have time to take care of the dogs at work, so I like cats more now, and I have been raising cats that don’t belong to me. Later, our cleaning aunt’s family gave birth to a few cats, I adopted them. Two, just two of them have spent more than two months and spent more than 600 yuan. I have no ability to raise it for me. The only thing I can do now is to find a good owner or Brought to the town wandering.

Xiao Bian feels that let it choose, too much interference is not good, there are many people in many places, there are many bad people, not everyone loves cats, too loved ones, and the bad guys are not prepared to be caught.

However, cats also have feelings, from small to large. If I take it home, I will raise it if I save more money. If I can save more money, I can afford to eat cheaper. Like a cat or a dog, as long as they can eat them and don’t abandon them, they will Happy, I will not be sad.

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