Saturday , February 16 2019

The puppy is the best friend of mankind, but do you know there is a misunderstanding of farming? Get to know!

Many families now have puppies, because puppies can help them at home, and they can be accompanied by them when they are free. But some people think that the puppy is very good, and what we eat at home is what it eats. That’s it. This is not the case. There are some misunderstandings when we raise puppies at home. Let’s take a look at how we raise puppies.

1. Select the variety

First of all, we need to pay attention to the selection of the breed of the puppy to see which kind of puppy is suitable for breeding in the environment of the family. If the home is not particularly resistant, it is recommended to choose the puppy of the pet breed for breeding. The cute pet dog is not only cute, but it doesn’t have a big “furniture” lethality. It is especially worrying to raise it at home, so the cute pet who doesn’t “demolition” is very popular with everyone.

2. Name

Generally, when we raise a puppy at home, we will give it a nickname. Calling its name for a long time will not only make it feel very intimate, but also give it a recognition. It can even be called when it goes out, and it responds accordingly. And when you play at home, call its name, and it will come quickly.

3. Prepare food

Many people think that what they eat for their puppies is what they love. In fact, this is not right. Because the puppy also needs to pick the food it likes when eating, it is the kind of softer one, or the vegetable soup is slightly lighter. If the food we eat is too salty and spicy, it will have a great impact on its appetite.

4. Living environment

It is best not to let the puppy sleep with us on the same bed. We need to choose a quiet and moisture-free place, give it a larger carton to make a nest, so that it will not go away, and it is not easy to hurt yourself. It is best to put some of the things you need to fall asleep in the kennel so that it has a comfortable environment to rest.

5. Toilet teaching

The most terrible thing is that the puppy pulls the stool everywhere in the house. The puppy usually does not pull the stool casually. We need to teach it how to get to the toilet. We should not be very harsh on it, even hit it, because its heart is like a child, in fact, can understand the emotions of others, we must guide correctly and positively. When you usually observe that you want to find a place to pee, you need to pull it to the toilet or use its special potty. After a few times, it will understand where you should go to the toilet.

6. Vaccine

To raise a puppy, we must vaccinate it on time. We can’t let it get along with everyone without vaccination. We must pay attention to our own safety and the safety of others.

The puppy is indeed a very good friend with humans, so we need to give it enough security when we raise it, instead of abandoning it. Of course, you need to use the right way to raise it. How do you learn to raise a puppy? If the family also likes the puppy, we can also raise it at home. In the process of raising it, it is equivalent to one more “good friend” around, you can share the emotion with it.

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