Saturday , February 16 2019

The purpose of your pets reveals your personality in one aspect!

There are people in the world who have pets, people who don’t have pets, and people who are planning to keep pets. For those who do not have pets, there may not be more psychological motivation. But for those who have pets or who are planning to raise pets, they have greatly exposed some aspects of personality. With the development of the network, more and more platforms provide a chance to show off, so pets have become the biggest supporting role. From a psychological point of view, such a small move can see the inner activity. What does it reveal about your personality?

The test begins:

Topic: If one day you have a pet, you are most likely because of the following?

A, can bring me joy

B, can listen to me at the mercy

C, can have a conversation object

D, can attract the attention of strangers

Test Results:

A, a certain aspect of personality: lack of security

You are a person who lacks security and rarely trusts others in your heart. In your opinion, everyone can hurt you. Even if your heart feels so lonely, you can’t let yourself dispel doubts about others. Therefore, keeping pets is the best choice. With the companionship of your pet, you gain a sense of security and dependence. While pets bring you joy, they also allow you to grow up gradually. In fact, if you can’t build trust in others, you can still immerse yourself in your own little world.



B, the personality of a certain aspect: the desire to control


You have a strong desire to control in some way, you are eager to dominate others, dominate life, and control everything. The thing that makes you most resistant is to follow the arrangement of others, so you are very independent and have strong control. According to the “kicking cat effect”, in reality, you can’t achieve the purpose of dominating others, and you will achieve the goal through the pets you are raising; in reality, the person who leads you will be bullied, and you will bully your pet to get it. Slow release. Of course, this is somewhat unfair to the pet itself and lacks a mature side for you.


C, a certain aspect of personality: glass heart


You have a glass heart that is fragile, sensitive, and vulnerable. You have an emotional side and are particularly sensitive to external stimuli. You can’t accept negative reviews of you, even though many reviews are true. You also often think that someone else does not have any language to point to, is to evaluate yourself, and then constantly doubt yourself and doubt others. In the face of many small things, you always care about it, even though you don’t want to admit it. You always feel a lot of things, although you understand this, but it is difficult to change.



D, a certain aspect of personality: full of heart


As you can see from your choice, you are really a man of great ambition. In ordinary places, we may not have any topic to talk about strangers, but if we have a pet, we will actively attract the attention of many strangers. By this means, you can easily reach the people you want to know. In other ways, your mind is also very obvious. If you do anything, you will have a retreat, and you will be very thoughtful and talkative. You are also very good at borrowing other people’s ideas to accomplish your own goals.

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