Saturday , February 16 2019

The wisdom of the cat slave: Actually, the cat food automatic feeder can be transformed into this way, and it is drunk!

The first time I knew that there was a cat food automatic feeder, I heard from a cat slave friend around me. Why is this stuff used? In fact, it is mainly for cat slaves who are often not at home, and they come in handy. For example, my friend just said that he often travels on business, so he got an automatic feeder, and the automatic water dispenser is the same.

Another use is to intend to lose weight to the comet, so take a timed quantitative approach.

As a result, according to friends, the vulnerability of the automatic feeder was discovered, driven by the curiosity and naughty character of the comet. The comet people can use their small hands to pick up the cat food along the gap, thus losing the meaning of automatic feeding.

Although the automatic feeders vary in length, the structure is similar, a can of grain storage, a cat food delivery pipeline, and a timing device. When the time comes, the cat food is discharged from the bottom:

Later, the automatic feeder manufacturers gradually learned the greatness of the comets, and they launched an improved version like this, so that their small hands could not reach:

However, not every cat slave’s home machine has been improved, and there is no precautionary measure. Isn’t it too wasteful to buy another one?

Ever since, the wisdom and hands-on potential of the cat slaves have been forced out.

There are also some cat slaves who are relatively less talented, and can only temporarily cover the automatic feeder. (PS: I am also drunk, take a cardboard box, even the toys are saved? The rhythm of eating while playing? And what is the painting on the wall?)

Not the most rudimentary, only more rudimentary, such as the following

Next, let’s take a look at the transformation that has more “technical content”. Let’s say it first, don’t laugh:


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