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There are bad habits in these few cats that may decide to rest in the New Year!

Bad cats may decide to rest in the new year. In a selflessly pretending world of cats, they will decide not to bully other cats and not stare at humans in the toilet. Many people think that the new year is a good time to start again, have the opportunity to start those healthy daily lives or break these bad habits – this time once and for all! Cats don’t care about analyzing their habits or setting goals, but for fun, we just say that they really want to keep their lives organized. Don’t laugh! Here are five bad habits that cats may decide to destroy in the new year: bullying other cats, the Force is strong in this regard. When a cat wants to get something from a feline, she usually takes a forced or silent intimidation. And don’t underestimate the intimidation of silence. I am sure there are some Jedi skills there.

Cats who desire a more generous life may accept less selfish choices. Of course, they want that sweet cat cat box, but they will patiently wait for the other cat to exit the box and then turn. Hello, kitten. Staring at the human in the toilet “She only ate Indian food for a day. Soon.” For people sitting on the toilet, this is more annoying than the bad habits of the cat. But who really wants the audience to put down the kids in the pool? Not even a cat. Although it is with a cat, it is more like “putting a child in a sandbox.” In this fictional world, cats care more than just themselves. They may choose to reduce the creepy potty, just in Snoring in the sink. Bullying humans “smelly eyes at 3, 2, 1 …”

AT New Year

Cats not only bully other cats, they also like to tell us what humans are. This is especially true in the case of food. They started harassing us one hour before the meal, and when we didn’t do it, they stared at us with the stinking eyes of the laser. The reformed kitten can only solve the problem soon after hearing the can lid pop up. Eat the vomit of other cats “Is it going to be thrown? I have to investigate!” Not every cat likes to eat the vomit of other cats; however, some people think their taste is more “exotic” than most people. These are those who roar when they have a chance. Their ears are like a small tentacles, ready to receive the first coughing signal. Then they competed to the scene to make sure they got the first change when they threw.

But when they see an oncoming policeman or an overnight delivery truck, sometimes they have to turn over and flip the headlights. Cats are just a good time for Charles, always looking for their own interests and entertainment. In a strange world where a cat actually feels guilty, this kind of ride will stop. They realized the mistakes of their way, threw gasoline and brake pedal extenders, and did other things at night… just like running back and forth on our bed and chewing through the roll bag. What kind of bad habits will your cat be determined to break in the new year? Tell us in the comments!

Cat man question: What was your cat destroyed? Dishes, furniture, another cat with a glass of water? We asked the Cat Magazine readers what they had lost. Editor’s Note: Have you seen a new cat print magazine in the store? Still in the waiting area of ​​the veterinary office? This article was published in the May/June 2016 issue. Click here to subscribe to the cat and send the bimonthly magazine to your home. Print edition editors are always looking for what we call the “cat man problem.” The comments below are answers to the May/June 2016 questions about the cat’s problem of breaking things.

What was your cat destroyed? Here are some of the answers we got. Almost every glass baby vase, foot bowl, wine glass, small jewelry I have the guts to leave. Harry Potter South at the bottom of my sofa! It was wild, so he opened the right side of the sofa so he could hide on the left side. This is where he will hang when he is afraid. Cats have a history of destruction. We have two cats, but Gracie is the one who broke things: her brother’s ceramic food, teapot, and various gadgets. I feel that she is fascinated by the occurrence of things. Mary Smith we call it “testing gravity.”

I won’t get tired of your list because it’s very wide. It may look like an angel, but in the case of mischief he is the exact opposite. The problem with Freddie Lapillo cats destroys Vito magazines and newspapers. If I am reading, she will sit on them, and if I move anything or turn pages, she will tear it into pieces. The most popular pastime is to knock the water and bowl from the cup down the table. I don’t have any matching bowls or glasses at all. Fiona Patterson is a ceramic cat. I suspect he is embarrassed.

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