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What should I do with a dog fever? How to treat?

What should I do with a dog fever? How to treat?

Because many diseases are accompanied by symptoms of fever, such as canine distemper and parvovirus. If the continuous high fever does not retreat, in order to be safe, the dog owner is best to take the dog to the hospital to check, if it is not a dog or a small, the treatment of the fever itself is very simple.

First, the symptoms of a canine fever:


High dog temperature is definitely the main symptom of fever. Unlike humans, dogs have a higher body temperature than humans. Generally, the normal body temperature of a dog is between 37.5 and 39.3 degrees (the adult dog is slightly lower and the puppies are slightly higher). If the dog’s body temperature exceeds 39.5 degrees, then the dog can be considered to have a high fever.

The most obvious symptom of a dog’s fever is that the dog is snoring, not moving, sleepiness, and even if you go out to play, there is no spirit. The symptoms of a dog’s fever are that the breathing will be very urgent. If you can see the belly, you will find that the color of the belly is also redder than usual, and the white eyeball of the eye will also be red.


Second, the treatment of fever:


If you want to have a fever, you can take the dog to the hospital for a blood test. If there is no problem, just do a subcutaneous injection of fever. Bupleurum + Antong set each one, repeating every 6 hours, and soon the dog will fall back.


If it is not too strong, there is no pet hospital near the dog owner, you can also use nursing treatment:


  1. First, let the dog drink plenty of water to promote the dog to urinate and lower the body temperature. Antiviral drugs such as Banlangen can also be used by dogs, but the dosage should be in accordance with the dosage of the child.


2, you can use 75% alcohol or warm water to wipe the limbs, chest, back, and neck, etc., you can also use ice water or cold water to soak the towel cold. Generally, it is replaced at the neck, groin, underarm, etc. every 5 minutes.


3, in addition to pay attention to pay more attention to food hygiene. Dog food must be light and cannot give dogs a greasy food.


Common diseases in dogs


Infectious diseases Canine scorpion (dog shit) rabies canine parvovirus brucellosis tetanus colibacillosis canine herpes infectious hepatitis tuberculosis
Parasitic diseases Ascariasis hookworm disease whipworm disease heartworm disease canine ascariasis canine toxoplasmosis mites (coccidial) flea deafness hard sputum rickets
Digestive diseases Diarrhea (diarrhea) Vomiting Gastrointestinal parasite Pancreatitis Ascites (abdominal hydrops) Hepatitis Indigestion Constipation Gastritis Pharyngitis Oral foreign body Esophageal infarction Enteritis Stomatitis
Respiratory diseases Cough pneumonia tracheal collapse bronchitis foreign body pneumonia pleurisy tonsillitis rhinitis laryngitis cold emphysema
Cardiovascular diseases Fainting (dizziness) shock anemia heart failure thrombocytopenia myocarditis patent ductus arteriosus
Urinary system disease Cystitis urinary calculi nephritis urethritis renal failure canine urinary tract infection uremia urinary calculi


Reproductive system


Rheumatism fracture osteoarthritis infectious arthritis canine hip dysplasia abscess
Secretion of immune diseases Hair removal (gloss) eczema dermatitis urticaria fungal skin disease body odor skin itching


Eye and ear facial diseases Rickets obesity vitamin A deficiency hyperlipidemia hypoglycemia protein deficiency water poisoning


Orthopedic joint disease Twitching fever sickness leg sputum anorexia hemoptysis burn (scald) sprain shock water stroke heatstroke food poisoning bleeding


Skin disease Vaginitis dermatitis orchitis prostatitis wombitis bitch dystocia miscarriage false pregnancy postpartum convulsion mastitis infertility male dog infertility


Nutritional-metabolic disease Diabetes hyperthyroidism allergies gout systemic lupus erythematosus

Multiple accidental diseases

Keratitis conjunctivitis dry eye disease lacrimal duct obstruction glaucoma cataract otitis externa calculus periodontitis red eye tooth loss



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