Saturday , February 16 2019

Why do cats always like to take food out of the bowl

When the pros are feeding the cat, some cats often don’t enjoy their food in their dining area. Instead, they take a lot of food and rush to another place to eat. When the cat finished eating the food, it came to the bowl again, took another sip and rushed to other places.

Why is cat doing this? It’s one of the reasons why cats like to take food out of the bowl. Because the cats in modern society do not have to go out to hunt, the extra energy will be played. Especially for spherical food, cats prefer to roll and roll. That’s right, the cat just thinks it’s so interesting.

This is an instinct. Cats are born to be lonely hunters who prey on small prey, but these prey can only basically meet the needs of a cat. The cat won’t get a slice of it because it helps other cats hunt. Therefore, the cat had to pre-emptively prey on it. In order to better protect the spoils, it is necessary to take the prey to a safer place

Another reason is that cats are wary of the environment. Worried that other animals will come to snatch food, so take the food to a hidden place to enjoy. This cat needs to give the cat a sense of security after eating, so they can easily eat.

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